Effortless Efficiency

Simplify Your Life with Expedited Shipping

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Minimal Waiting Time

If you choose expedited shipping, we will pick up your vehicle first. We charge a premium for this service since it usually necessitates rescheduling some of the trucker's other pickups.

Status Updates

You will receive timely updates regarding the status of your shipment by phone and email, but you should also keep in touch with the assigned trucker and the carrier company.

Personal Storage

If you want, you can store personal items in the trunk of your vehicle (weighing less than 100 pounds). This storage space is free of charge. For safety purposes, the driver has the full authority to check the trunk for any illegal products and materials.

Why Should You Use Internative Logistics for Expedited Shipping?

Door-to-door delivery

We can provide expedited and satisfactory door-to-door shipping for your automobile. All you have to do is notify us if the appointed driver will have enough room to park in front of your home to load and unload your vehicle.

Open Communication

We want the best for all our clients, which is why we enable open lines of communication by connecting them directly with the auto carrier so that they can obtain information more easily and promptly.

Easy Shipment Process

We are experienced in the transportation field and also cater to consumers who are in a rush by providing fast pick up times and a hassle-free shipping process.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you decide to employ expedited auto transport, your money is fully refundable before we designate a carrier for your vehicle.

Safe & Secure Transportation

When you choose expedited car shipping, your automobile will be fully insured. Carriers have to meet strict insurance requirements before they can transport any loads for us.

Returning Customers Get a Discount

When you are ready, we are willing to ship your car again. Internative Logistics provides amazing deals exclusive to returning customers. To speak with a professional, please call (800) 595-0865 utilize our online chat service.